Exceptionally Rare Gemstones. I AM RETIRING in early 2020. WE ARE LIQUIDATING (AT, NEAR, BELOW COST,)ALL ONLINE INVENTORY, TOOLS, ESTATE JEWELRY, ROUGH, LOOSE GEMS. YOU MAY EMAIL REASONABLE OFFERS ON ANY LISTED GEMS OR JEWELRY VIA EMAIL FROM OUR WEBSITE. PLEASE INCLUDE WEIGHT/COLOR/TYPE OF GEM/TOOL/JEWELRY ETC. AND YOUR OFFER AMOUNT. NO COUPONS MAY BE USED WITH AN OFFER. Gem Broker. PRECISION CUTTING SERVICES to USA Standards. We provide extremely rare gemstones to Universities, Corporate/Private Collector’s, Individuals, Artisan jewelers and high-end custom jewelers frequently use our well curated material. We buy rare rough aggressively and facet when the pockets deplete. We represent several AGTA award-winning gem cutters. Rare and unusual color gemstones. Blue spinel, Uruguay/Siberian Amethyst, Burma and Pakistan Peridot, TOP 5/5 Welo Opals, Rubellite/Indicolite Tourmaline. One of a kind and depleted gems. Designer Cut & Fantasy gems.