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Learning Center

Reference Charts & Materials

Commonly used charts and table for jewelers, lapidaries and gemologists.

Gemology Cheat Sheets

These gemology cheat sheets review gem color and clarity grading, specific information on evaluating diamonds and opals, and basic gem identification…

Properties of Diamond Simulants

Diamond simulants, like cubic zirconia and moissanite, often appear in jewelry. See how the properties of real diamonds compare with popular…

Bead and Necklace Size Charts

Whether you’re a novice bead jewelry maker or just shopping for necklaces, these bead and necklace size charts and links to related articles…

Standard Gem Sizes Chart

Will your gem fit in a standard setting? Use this chart of standard gem sizes for popular cuts and also learn how to estimate gem weight based on size.…

Birthstone Chart

Our birthstone chart features both modern and traditional options. See galleries of birthstone jewelry by month and learn more about these beautiful…

Gem Structure Chart

A gem structure chart that shows various information on a specific structure and gems of example. Details include Refractive Indexes, Pleochroism…

Ring Size Comparison Chart

Ring Size Comparison Chart compliments of the International Gem Society. A conversion table of Ring sizes. 7 different ring size equivalents…


Jewelers need to know how to determine how much gold is needed for a wax mold. Here are three methods for you.Information and tips on metal or wax formulas.…

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